A Surprise from Mrs. E., and our Holiday Wish for You

Christmas ornaments -PattyChangAnker.com

Mrs. E was my 8th grade social studies teacher. I feared and admired her. She was petite, Asian American, strict, and terrifying – I told G and R how I once cried in front of her when I got a B (i.e., an Asian F).  Since Some Nerve came out, we’ve reconnected, even getting our families together and now G and R think I’m nuts. “She’s so nice, how could you have been afraid of her?” (She gave us those ornaments above.) And yes, now that I’m a parent I see – her high expectations were just another way of saying “I care about you and your future.” She told me Some Nerve resonated for her and her approval meant the world to me – at last, an Asian A! Then a package arrived, a beautiful hand-knotted blanket in Some Nerve yellow and blue.

Some Nerve book and blanket -PattyChangAnker.com

Gifts of Courage

“You are an inspiration to me and to countless others,” the card read. “I made this throw in your honor.” G pointed out the diving figures sewn in, and then looked up at me. “Wait, are you CRYING?” G asked. “Did Mrs. E. make you cry AGAIN??” Yes, she did. With gratitude, for all of it – the tough love, and the generous, open hearted, beyond expectations love. And for teaching me no matter how you show it, to show it. Thank you, Mrs. E.


From our Family to You:  

May you always have sunshine on your face and a green and purple monster (“C.C.” the Courage Critter) to hold. Happy Holidays!


Love, Kent, Patty, G, R and Mochi