How to Host a Some Nerve House Party or Book Club

Somehow the topic of bringing out your brave makes readers of Some Nerve want to have some fun!

Below are some suggestions for making your book club/house party full of nerve and verve:

1) Some Nerve Cocktails. Go spicy!

Liquid Courage

Some Nerve Cocktails bring out the brave. Liquid Courage by B. Bloom

“Liquid Courage” (right) mixes Ginger Beer, dark rum, lime and sugar.

Sarah Hinawi’s “Some Nerve Purple Crayon Cocktail” has:
1/2 part lemonade
1/2 part extra pulp OJ
1/4 part pomegranate syrup
1 part vodka
(1/8 part amaretto, optional)


2) Some Nerve Cookies – Just 1 More Cookie recipe here. Or create your own and share the recipe.

Some Nerve Cookies

Some Nerve cookies! Crispy and spicy. Yellow plates, napkins, and flowers too!

Patty with Cake

Serve cake. Cake makes everything less scary.


3) Nametags that say “HELLO, MY FEAR IS…”

4) #SomeNerve Challenge cards  (Contact me)

Some Nerve Challenge Card

“I will face my fear of singing by singing at my anniversary party”

5) Declare your #SOMENERVE Challenge on social media and tag me (@PattyChangAnker everywhere). OR FACE YOUR FEAR AT THE PARTY! Break out a karaoke machine and sing in public, do as one blogger did and screen Planet of the Apes and serve banana-themed snacks to face her fear of that film. Guaranteed good times for all.

6) Try using the Reading Guide for discussion.

One CA book club wrote: “I wanted to share that out of the 13 of us, 2 people faced their fears and joined Toastmasters!!! They were so proud and excited.  Others also were making little changes in their attitudes towards fear! So, a big thank you for the questions and a big thank you for writing a book that has been influential in so many people’s lives.”

7) Invite the author  (Contact me for in-person or phone visits)

Suggested questions: The “Books & Wine Club” of NYC dazzled me with their good taste in wine and carbs – and by preparing excellent questions, like:

The first chapter you wrote was the one about clutter. Why did you decide to tackle that first?

There were some stories that you were scared to include – and you put them in thinking you could always remove them. Which ones were they?

With the blog you get instant feedback,  but with the book the feedback is delayed. How did you handle this?

Many in our book club loved your voice in the book (it was my favorite part!). Curious to know if you have any other books planned for the future? More nonfiction? Would you ever try fiction?

The editor wanted you to include common fears that you didn’t have such as heights, driving, public speaking and death. Were there other fears that you considered  including?

Do you have photos?!
“Patty, thank you so much for joining our book club – we all loved meeting you! It was so much fun to hear more about your stories in the book – and to get an opportunity to ask so many of the questions we had! You are an honorary member of our book club now, so join us anytime!! :)”

House party -PattyChangAnker
“It was so very special to listen to you talk about your book, discuss the issues, and learn more about you as an author, a mom, and a vibrant human being!  We all loved it and look forward to your next book!”

“It’s such a treat to hear from the author of a book. It adds all the “behind the scenes” story to the actual story.”


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