Happy Pub Date to Us All! Some Nerve Hits the Shelves

Four years, 231 blog posts, over a hundred book interviews, more peak experiences than I can count. Thank you to all the brave people sharing their stories and their expertise, I can’t wait for readers to meet you on the page – and now they can! Some Nerve is officially published, and available in hardcover, ebook ( AmazonBarnes & NobleIndieboundBooks-a-Million or iBooks or your local bookstore) and in audio (Audible or iBooks) wherever books are sold.

What a road it has been.

Penguin Letterhead

Many thanks to Rebecca Saletan (Riverhead Books) and Brettne Bloom (Kneerim, Williams & Bloom) for the best thick envelope ever.

Signing contract

Coffee and Manuscript




Field research was not as pastoral. But facing a fear of writing was its own challenge!


Outlining chapters


Paper files

Growing files (most were electronic)

Writing by candlelight

Hurricane Sandy – finishing by candlelight


First draft manuscript submitted


Edits, legal, factcheck, copyedits, MEDIC!


Really done writing – creating FB author page!

On Rebecca Saletan's shelf

On my editor’s shelf

Books arrive at Galapagos Bookstore

Books arrive at Galapagos Bookstore

In a reader's hands!

In a reader’s hands! Send me your pics of getting Some Nerve.

And this is just the beginning. Have you heard we’ve inspired one reader to start Red Cross Lifeguard training at age 56?

Calvin Trillin famously said that the shelf life of a trade book is somewhere between that of milk and yogurt.

Let’s not be milk or yogurt!  Let’s take this book into our lives, into the lives of those we care about. Share the news, share the #SomeNerve Challenge.  Let’s have some nerve alive and kicking in us from now on – let’s go have some fun!



  1. Happy Pub Date / Book Birthday Patty. I knew you when (LOL) and am so very proud of you! From book publicist to published author! Wow — what a journey! xoxo, Laura Rossi

    • Laura, you envisioned this from the beginning, even before I did – thank you for believing in me. xo

  2. Costco milk lasts for MONTHS. Just saying.

  3. LOL Michael!

  4. Hi Patty I just found out about your book on Oprah.com under “Books that will make you more confident, happy and spontaneous.” I went on to read about you. As a mom of two young girls (10 yrs), a blogger and very passionate of getting out of my comfort zone primarily to inspire my kids, you are my new hero! I am so proud of you. Like you, I was raised with high expectations in regards to education by my parents who were teachers. I went back to finish my degree (currently in Penn State) partly to fulfill my dream to earn a degree and partly to set a good example to my kids. I took swimming lessons this summer to conquer my fears of water and I am currently training for a marathon (I never thought I would run a block!) Reading about you gave me goosebumps because I really identify with the fears you faced. Your book couldn’t have come at a better time as I was just finishing to write on fear today for my next topic on my blog http://www.thebestlifestyles.com
    Barnes & Noble is about 45 mins from my house but I am getting in the car and driving there to get your book today. I can’t wait to read it. Again many thanks and blessing to you and your family.

    • Hi Wambui, how wonderful, we are both passionate about so many similar things. Your blog looks very inspiring and I look forward to reading your post on fear, and to seeing a triumphant picture of you at your first marathon! Thank you for going to such lengths to get the book, too – it is a rare and vibrant spirit that will reroute a day for a book 🙂