Join me! Summer Reading Book Club at Heart Strides on Facebook

Dear Brave Ones – Oh how I’ve missed you! A spring of work, caregiving, and walking pneumonia kept me from writing and I’m just now finding my way back. I left The Nantucket Project at the end of our short-term agreement and will start freelancing again in the fall. In the meantime, I intend to catch up here on the blog – I’ve got stories to tell you and I hope you have stories to tell me!

Tomorrow, Wednesday July 19 at 12 noon – 1 pm EST, I’ll be visiting the Heart Strides page on Facebook, answering questions about Some Nerve and facing fears. Heart Strides is a nonprofit organization that donates running shoes to moms of kids with disabilities, and their FB group provides a forum for much-needed encouragement and support. As a special needs mom who remembers when running errands and kids to doctors was the only running I did, I can see how Heart Strides shows caregivers that their physical and emotional well being matters, and how the can-do spirit that comes from running carries over into the hard work of parenting.

I’m excited to get to know this group of brave moms and to answer questions about fears, goals, and (in my case) very slow running. Please join us!

Patty Chang Anker at Heart Strides

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