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Share the #SomeNerve Challenge Badge and post what fear YOU will tackle! Tag friends who’ll help along the way (like me! @PattyChangAnker).

You knew it would come to this.  After all the hooting and hollering and egging me and my friends on in facing fears and trying new things, you knew one day it would be your turn.  Well guess what?

Today’s the day!

Today’s the day we launch the #SomeNerve Challenge and you get to declare what fear has held you back for long enough already.

Fear of Therapy

Enough already.

Today’s the day I (and dozens of bloggers lined up to join the challenge) get to hoot and holler and help you (and each other!) take the first step toward a bigger and braver life.

We’re in this together! Let’s get started:

1)    Which fear?  Do heights make you dizzy? Driving fill you with dread? Are you afraid of speaking in public, or being seen in a swimsuit? Are you buried by clutter and terrified of letting anything go? Make a list of things that make your palms sweat.  Pick one.

Biking is fun

Pick something fun, like this!

Fear of Clowns

Not this.

Don’t pick blood, snakes, or clowns. You’re supposed to be afraid of those.

2)    Make a plan.  Google “Fear of fill-in-the-blank.”  Your palms are still sweating, that’s okay. The fear will not go away until you actually do the thing you fear.  Let ‘em sweat and stay in problem solving mode – if your kid or your mom had this fear, what could they do about it?  Is there a class, coach, therapist nearby?  Post a query below or on our Facebook pagethe answers are out here but you have to come find them. Take action.

3)    Tell a friend.  A friend who gets things done. Not the friend who tells you you’re fine the way you are, let’s eat muffins.  Tell the friend who believes in you.  Tell the world.  Post the #SomeNerve Challenge Badge to your status, or better yet, your profile pic.  Declare your goal here and everywhere.  Start a story that everyone will want to know the ending to.

4)    Follow through, using any means necessary!  Bribe yourself with rewards, treats, celebratory drinks if you do it– threaten yourself with the fallout (disappointment) if you don’t.  Scare yourself with your intrinsic fear of death.  Enough with the “one day maybe” …We’re aging by the minute, if not now, when?

5)    Say wheee!  And make sure someone captures you on film.  Because the moment your heart is pounding, your eyes are shining, and you’ve just done something you never thought you could do, is the sexiest you’ll ever look or feel.

6)    Show off your triumph! Send in your picture, your story here. Trumpet it on Twitter (#SomeNerve, @PattyChangAnker), Facebook (@PattyChangAnker), Instagram (@PattyChangAnker).  You’re brave, baby!  Let us lavish you with well-deserved attention.

7)     Repeat with other fears, other friends.  Bask in the glow of accomplishment!

Diving is fun

Come into the light! Basking with Z and Jenny after diving

You know you want this. Sure, it’s fun to read about other people, but what about you?  You can go from being an armchair adventurer to being the active heroine of your own story.  Right now.

Mark down this day.  When you look back, will this be the day you decided to take a leap? Or take a pass?

I say:

Take a deep breath.

Click here and type

“Today, I will begin facing my fear of ___________ by ___________ “

Hit Send.

Booyah!  You’ve got some nerve!  Let’s get this party started.





  1. 1) The Some Nerve Challenge logo is KICK ASS! I think she needs to be on refrigerator magnets across the land!

    2) Deep breath: This fall, I will be facing my fear of DRIVING by (GULP) TAKING DRIVING LESSONS WITH MY LOVELY ASSISTANT DANA WHO ALSO HAPPENS TO BE TERRIFIED OF DRIVING. Watch out, roads! Watch out highways! Here I come!

  2. Gentlewomen…Start Your Engines!! Hooray for Brettne and Dana – I’m so excited for the freedom and control you’ll experience when you’re driving with confidence – please report back your progress!

  3. OK, I did mine – I have a lifelong fear of heights. Each year I take my kids to a ropes course at a nearby ski area and stand on the ground while I watch them scamper in the treetops, thinking, You could hold a gun to my head and I wouldn’t do that. This year, inspired by you and SOME NERVE, I did it. With a book (not a gun) to my head. Yr Faithfl edtr, Becky

    • Becky the Brave!!! I’m so thrilled you did the ropes course and cannot wait to share your story on the blog. And I’m glad I didn’t have to resort to putting a gun to your head – but I knew you’d do anything for a book, because that’s the kind of editor you are! Signed, Patty, Luckiest Author Ever

  4. Hi Patty! I can’t wait for your book to come out in October!

    My smaller boy is about to have his 6th birthday party in two weeks, and I have been trying to decide whether to face my fear:
    Two kids are more than enough for me, but seven little guys plus two medium-sized ones??
    I’d love to just take them to an indoor play center and let them run about. But that’s not quite the right fit for this young group.
    So I’m going to gather up my courage and just do it!

    • Hi Elizabeth! Go for it! The party at home is the one the kids will always remember because it won’t be like any other kid’s party! For G’s 7th we did a backwards party – everyone wore their clothes backwards, came in the back door, and we had cake FIRST! It was a big hit, the kids still talk about it 5 years later. Take a picture and share it with us!

      • Tomorrow’s the big day…

        I am very glad that I am doing this and the kids are extremely excited. We found a lady here in Hamburg who rents out party packs with various themes. J chose Circus, so we now have all manner of decorations, costumes, props, you name it. That’s just the kind of “support” I needed.

        Also, we have a forecast for really nice weather.

        So we should be in good shape for this party, with plenty to keep the kids occupied.

        Still… my Anxiety Level – High!

        But one way or the other, at this time tomorrow we will be done, and I am sure I will be glad that we did this kind of party.

        Photo evidence to come!

        p.s. LOVE the backwards party idea!!

        • Terrific, have a wonderful time! And take lots of pictures so the effort will go down in family history 🙂

  5. Patty, this is wonderful. My challenge is to do video blogging or vlogging. I will keep you posted.

    • Keep me posted, @Estelle, and then teach me how! Expanding our skill set requires energy and courage, over and over again – it’ll be inspiring to see you do it here!

  6. Hello Patty!
    I am so sorry I missed your NYC-area signings. I just read your book and I loved it! I am tackling my big fear – driving (it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one). I got my license a million years ago when I was about 20 and never drove again…until now! It’s going pretty well and there are visions of awesome road trips dancing in my head. Your friend’s driving story was just the push I needed and I can’t wait to get to the rest of the things on my shoulda-coulda-woulda list. THANK YOU!

    • Hi Eri, I am so happy to hear that you’re on your way to being in the driver’s seat, literally and metaphorically – It takes courage and hard work, and you are doing it anyway – that is so much strength right there! Let us know how it goes, send a pic when you take your first roadtrip! (Don’t take pictures while driving, of course :))

    • Oh, and Eri – I do have a community booksigning in Westchester this Saturday – check out the events page if you’re in the NYC area (convenient to Metro North so you don’t have to drive yet – you can drive here next year :))

  7. I heard you on NPR yesterday and I think your idea is wonderful! I have yet to read your book, but i will.
    My family was really in trouble because of my daughter’s severe phobia of vomit. She was 56lbs at the age of 12 and she stopped going to school, eating, and leaving the house for fear of getting germs that will make her sick. She was cured by Exposure Therapy last year and is doing amazing. I wrote a blog about our whole experience and people in similar situations have reached out and contacted me through the blog. My daughter and i have become online cheerleaders for a couple of emetophobics that are going through the same therapy. It is great to be able to help others when you have been through it yourself. Please ceck out my blog and pass it along to anyone in need.

  8. I enjoyed your webinar with Mothers and More this afternoon!

    Here’s my “some nerve challenge” to be completed by March 2nd (next webinar): Join a band. I will call rec departments and find out if there is a band I can join. I have my eye on a swing jazz band. The flyers says “any instrument.” So I guess they’ll be adding a guitar to their band soon! My longer-term “some nerve challenge” to be completed by December 1, 2014: Run a 10k. I think I’ll need to join a training group to get the motivation I need. Will find one by the March 2nd date.

    • Hannah! You rock! No pun intended…

      What fabulous goals – a creative one and a physical one, to nourish both sides, body and soul.

      AND you are the winner of the Mothers & More giveaway – a free copy of my book, SOME NERVE! Fill out the “Contact” form here with your address and we’ll send it – hopefully it provides motivation all year long.

      Looking forward to hearing your progress at the Mothers & More Book Club on Facebook on March 2 at 8 pm!

  9. Challenge accepted(Although the goals I am about to write will really take a year rather than just one season, but what better season than summer to start!):

    1. Do something that scares me: Well ironically success scares me–I know, most people fear failure, but I fear the intense attention that comes with success. I will challenge this fear by blogging my first YA novel (Why yes, I do know it will be a success.)

    2. Do something you haven’t done in a long time–I will return to Tango lessons. I love Tango, but lat year I was run over by a truck and it has been a year of recovery. Now that I have most of my strength, flexibility, and endurance back, it is time to up the ante.

    3. Commit to a goal that is difficult to accomplish–due to the aforementioned accident, I have also gained 50 lbs! (Yes, there has been a serious imbalance between my activity level and caloric intake.) My goal is to lose it gradually over the following year. If I lose a pound a week I will make it. The hard part will be staying committed. I due so love my ice cream and baked goods.

    • Tricia, you have got A LOT OF nerve!! Good for you, I love each and every one of these goals – I love that you know success is in the cards, I love that you are ready after terrible hardship to bring fun and the romance of tango back into your life, and I love that you are committing to your health and well being long term. Please keep us posted on your progress – a picture of you tango-ing would be a blast!