Some Nerve is named a finalist for the 18th Annual Books for A Better Life Award!

Books for a Better Life Award logo

I am thrilled – THRILLED – to share the news that Some Nerve is a finalist for the 18th Annual Books for a Better Life Award. I have been a fan of the Books for a Better Life Award since the National Multiple Sclerosis Society’s New York City – Southern NY Chapter launched it in 1996 to recognize books that help readers improve their lives. I remember Kathleen Norris, Thomas Moore, Oprah,  Jimmy Carter, Caroline Knapp and Mark Doty were among the finalists back then and every year after I’d scour the eclectic and wideranging list for inspiration. Thich Nhat Hanh, Pema Chodron and Anne Lamott (who’s a finalist again this year!) became guiding lights in my life, to name just a few). I considered myself a beneficiary of the award as a reader – I never imagined back then my own book would be on the list one day.

There are ten categories, and Some Nerve is one of five finalists in the First Book category, alongside these esteemed books:

Books for a Better Life Award First Book finalists

Meredith Viera will host the awards ceremony on March 10, 2014, and Arianna Huffington (love her book ON BECOMING FEARLESS) and Lee Woodruff (IN AN INSTANT) will present awards to special honorees.  All proceeds from the evening will help fund national multiple sclerosis research and comprehensive programs and services for people affected by MS. I’m especially excited to see fellow finalists and friends Beth Kephart (HANDLING THE TRUTH) and Josh Hanagarne (WORLD’S STRONGEST LIBRARIAN) there.

The full list of finalists and ticket information appears here.

The Books for a Better Life Award embodies everything I hope to do with my time here on earth. To be in the company of such impassioned writers offering their experiences and stories to help all of us live bigger and braver lives is a great honor.