New Years Resolutions 2014


“Carpe Diem” 2014 Planner by www.papaya

A Some Nerve reader I’ve never met sent me a gift: an exquisite “Carpe Diem”2014 planner with a diving woman on the cover. It’s almost too pretty to use-but that wouldn’t exactly be the spirit of seizing the day, would it? So boy am I enjoying riffling through it making notes, dreaming, planning for ways to make every day, every heartbeat, every breath ahead count.

My New Year’s Resolutions (which I’ll add to throughout the year) begin with:

1) My #SomeNerve Challengedumdedum!…is to train with Bike New York and ride the TD Five Boro Bike Tour of New York City (40 mi) on May 4!  Registration is January 14 at noon online – mark your calendars and register so you can join Team #SomeNerve! And believe me, I am a bicycling novice – I’m starting with Bike New York’s Bicycling Basics class. They believe they can get me Five Boro ready in 4 months, and if I can do it (I’m 43, have a fear of speed and am a natural klutz) truly anyone can. Stay tuned for more posts here and at Bike New York’s blog for what will surely be an adventure.


Christmas presents from bicycling buff husband: So far, getting ready for the 5-Boro Bike Tour is painless and fun!

2) Be what’s next. “What’s next?” is the question everyone asks, especially if you’ve done something you’ve never done before (written a book, learned to bike, faced a fear, survived 2013). If you’re naturally afraid of the unknown, of failure, of what people will think of your answer, the question can spark more dread than excitement.  Everyone wants to know if I’ll write another book, I mentioned to my friend Tony Smith, a professional coach who is quoted in Some Nerve.  “Everyone is tied up in the idea of the past and the future,” he declared. “Those are just constructs. What if I told you the truth: that past and future are irrelevant. That at every moment we are infinite possibility?” There’s a heck of a lot I could do with infinite possibility, I thought. I could be more present as a mother, I could let protective layers fall away from my writing, I could look at old routines and patterns with fresh eyes, I could keep myself open to new or renewed passions – and use all that energy unencumbered by expectations or fear to fuel the next chapter and the next. How about you, what could you do with infinite possibility? What will your #SomeNerve Challenge be?

3) Transform fear in the world – Sounds big but you’ve all shown me how possible it is. We’re already facing fears and inspiring others to as well. Let’s expand this  in 2014 – I’d love to meet more of you online or in person at a workshop, book club or event.  A dream of mine is to lead a fear-facing yoga retreat – send a message if you’d like to join. And a bigger dream is for all of us to become more brave, to encourage our families, our communities, to see the power that we have to affect change in ourselves, our relationships and the world.  Tony Smith says in Some Nerve that we are all like Thomas Jefferson, who had no experience of democracy but created it. My family just visited Philadelphia and in Congress Hall saw where the first peaceful transfer of power between leaders who were not related to each other happened, and then to the Franklin Institute where the spirit of science and invention surrounded us.  Our Founding Fathers transformed the world. And so can we.

“One cannot tell how far it might go” – Benjamin Franklin


Let’s make 2014 a year where everything opens up, where the pages in each of our stories turn quickly, where we stop to laugh and reflect and share what we’ve discovered.  Carpe Diem, friends!