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Kicking off the Some Nerve Retreat with kayaking across the Hudson River. Wait, I’m afraid of rivers. Whose idea was this??

It was beyond. Ever since I became a yoga teacher 11 years ago I’ve dreamed of hosting my own retreat. The idea of giving busy people the space to relax and become more like their true joyful selves appealed to me greatly. This past weekend I hosted the first ever Some Nerve Summer Retreat, combining fear-facing, yoga, and writing to cultivate courage and freedom. With all the hopes I had for the weekend, the incredible women who brought their hearts. minds, and a willingness to go beyond their comfort zones blew me away and our time together was beyond anything I could have imagined. For two days we lived in the land of “anything can happen” – kayaking across the Hudson River in the rain, jaw-dropping stories with each person’s turn at the mic, surprise treats, spontaneous laughter, and a feeling at the end of having stretched ourselves body and soul. Strangers became friends, some even said like sisters. And now these brave women will bring their courage back into the world.  Thank you to everyone who participated and to the Purple Crayon Center for Social Innovation for holding the space for healing and  magic. A few pictures (many more remain in the vault of “what happens on a Some Nerve Retreat…”).

How will you find space to connect with your true self this summer? Share your stories here.

Kayaking -PattyChangAnker.com

I kayaked across the Hudson River! Wait. How do I get back?


Stretch -PattyChangAnker.com



Some Nerve Retreat popsicles



Grilled Watermelon Salad -PattyChangAnker.com

Food tastes better when laughing

Purple Crayon cushions -PattyChangAnker.com

Come lounge with us


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Speaking Up -PattyChangAnker.com


Some Nerve Retreat -PattyChangAnker.com








  1. Looks fabulous, combining everything I love: kayaking (only done it twice), yoga, talking and listening, and being with girlfriends. You are really awesome, Patty. I hope to meet you IRL someday!

    • Hi Cathy, I love retreats, getting dedicated time to enjoy each other’s company doing different activities is so rare once we’re adults! Our IRL meeting will happen!

  2. Looks like a fun time with a big benefit. I loved the photos of your group!

    • Hi Carol, and those are only the photos I’m allowed to post! LOL

  3. It looks like your first-ever retreat was amazimg.
    I’m scared of rivers too but wow did that look like fun.

    • Hi Doreen, I was nervous the whole way across but also just marveling that I was doing it, I was out on the water with the birds and boats, so different from my usual weekend. Marveling at it all made it less scary!