Some Nerve – Reviews, Praise, F.A.Q.

Some Nerve is named a finalist for the 18th Annual Books for A Better Life Award!



oprah“A few everyday women find a way to break free of worry, doubt and anxiety—and live to write a how-to-do-it-too tale. ” More… – Leigh Newman,

Selected Reader Comments

“Some Nerve inspired me to get certified as a Red Cross Lifeguard – at the age of 56! During the training I discovered that putting myself into the position of learner is always enlightening. Also, participating as a peer with a class that’s mostly teenagers is a great way to see stereotypes implode. My fear was always performing under pressure – and now I know I can.” – Mary C.

I will be eternally grateful to you for pushing me way out of my comfort zone to audition for – and WIN – Blogger Idol! As a middle-aged writer in a sea of mommy bloggers, that took some nerve! – Lois Alter Mark, Midlife at the Oasis

“Reading Some Nerve was like spending time with a dear friend who knows how to lovingly push you out of your comfort zone. Thank you, Patty, for showing me how to look directly at my own fears and say ‘I’m bigger than you.'” – Mary W.

I have such a terrible fear of public speaking and it has stopped me from doing things I’ve wanted, speaking up in meetings, pitching new projects. I know it’s time to face it especially as I’ve decided to leave my job and freelance full time….Toastmasters here I come!  – M. S.

Like many of the people profiled in your book, I am a very accomplished and confident person in most areas of my life. Only my dearest friends and family know that I suffered a panic attack on the highway in 1998 and have struggled with highway driving since then. Thank you for overcoming your own fears and writing this book, for sharing your story and inspiring me to take charge and face my fear. – R.G.

I absolutely loved your new book! I can ride a bike and I’m not afraid of public speaking, but how on earth does anyone get up the nerve to dance in public!!! So my mission now is to get over my fear of dancing despite my lack of rhythm. Thanks for the inspiration  – Pam J.

Better Homes And Gardens Cover
“The Write Stuff: A lesson plan in Courage 101”
Better Homes and Gardens, January, 2014

Parents Magazine Cover
“Uplifting….[Anker] aims to inspire others – and that’s exactly what she does in this lively and rewarding read.”
– Kristen Kemp, Parents Magazine “Mom Must-Read,” November 2013

The Boston Globe
“… Anker grounds her observations in her own generous, warm world view. She’s at her wisest, funniest best when describing conversations with her two daughters, capturing both their fears and their fierce, childish courage.”
– Kate Tuttle, The Boston Globe, October 5, 2013

marie-claire-1000“Author Patty Chang Anker was scared of everything, from the ocean to throwing away clutter – until she decided to tackle her fears, one step at a time.”
Steph Opitz, Marie Claire, October, 2013

How to Quiet Your Inner Worriers
O, The Oprah Magazine, October, 2013

Publishers Weekly
“This warm memoir is not a traditional self-help book, yet the joy that Anker and her peers feel when they allow themselves to be beginners – even after the age of 40 – will be motivation enough for can’t-do readers to take steps toward making their lives a little bigger and better.”
Publishers Weekly, July 29, 2013

“[Anker’s] humorous account of how she transcended her ‘nervous nature… bookish upbringing and midlife responsibilities’ to discover her courage… honest and inspiring.”
Kirkus Reviews, September 15, 2013

“With humor, humility and (most of all) self-compassion, Anker tells a compelling story of everyday courage — one that is sure to touch and help countless other people like her, like me, like all of us who have made worry into an art form. She proves that it’s not too late, that we can truly change ourselves and enlarge our worlds as a result.”
– Elizabeth Gilbert, author of the international bestseller, Eat, Pray Love

“This book is for anyone who needs to be reminded that it IS possible to conquer our greatest fears at any age, and in the process learn more about what it feels like to really live.”
– Lee Woodruff, co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller In an Instant

“Not everyone experiences the fear of flying, or water, or sharks, or the dark, but everyone understands what it is like to be afraid. Happily, everyone can give themselves the joyous gift of Patty Chang Anker’s insightful, funny, and brave book.”
–Josh Hanagarne, author of The World’s Strongest Librarian


Book F.A.Q.

Is the book the same as the blog?

No!  The book is 95% new material!

What's in the book?

Powerful, entertaining stories about ordinary people facing everyday fears including:  Aging, Becoming Boring, Biking, Breaking bones, Bullies, Clutter, Control (loss of), Crime, Death, Driving, Exercise, Failure, Flying, Heights, Letting go, Looking dumb, Nature (mosquitoes, sharks, marauder-filled woods), P.E., Pleasure, Public Speaking, Public toilets, Rejection,  Success, Surfing, Unknown, Water, Writing. And Wedgies.

Great expert advice – find out how psychologists, teachers, coaches, and clergy work with fearful people to bring out the courage within.

Plus the antics of G and R, a bit about my Chang-family upbringing, and a few (ok, more than a few) ridiculous predicaments that will make you wonder how I’ve survived to middle age.

Some Nerve is the culmination of 4 years of facing fears and over a hundred interviews, and I ardently hope it will empower countless people in countless ways. But I need your help.  Me talking about it is nothing compared to all of our vocal power together. Imagine yourself, and everyone you love, living with less fear.  Let’s go make that happen! Click Here to pre-order Some Nerve.