Weekend Update – News from readers who’ve got Some Nerve!

My inbox was full of the best kind of mail this weekend.

A.R. wrote:

“I started Some Nerve yesterday. Today I am going hiking with a girlfriend to have some nerve! Thank you for being brave!”

Esther F. wrote:

“Patty! You would be so proud! I had Some Nerve to do the trapeze! I nearly fainted, but I did it!”
Esther F. on Trapeze

Esther F. got a LOTTA nerve!

Katy M. sent a link for her new Etsy shop after overcoming fear of putting her work out there  (this shoebox to online shop story is going to require its own hilarious blog post but check out her wares here).

And M.C. who had said we’d inspired her to take Red Cross Lifeguard training at the age of 56, posted on Facebook that she’d completed Week 3 of her course, and that she’d learned some unexpected things:

“First, putting myself into the position of learner is always enlightening. Also, participating as a peer with a class that’s mostly teenagers is a great way to see stereotypes implode!”

The idea that M.C. could go on to save a life fills me with joy and appreciation for all that this FFUD community is doing to encourage people to new passions.

I myself had a lovely weekend hiking with the girls and facing our fear of fungus:

Tree fungus

There’s fungus among us! Facing our fear of fungi out in the woods.

And reading at Lark Cafe‘s new Lit at Lark series which was decidedly not scary. It was inspiring to trade stories of writing – me and memory, Stephanie Lehmann lost in research, Carolyn Turgeon‘a fairy tale fantasies, and to connect with friends old and new.

Carolyn Turgeon, Stephanie Lehmann, Patty Chang Anker

Fairy tale novelist Carolyn Turgeon, historical fiction writer Stephanie Lehmann, and memoirist Patty Chang Anker

More pictures are posted at the Facebook Author Page, but here’s one to whet your appetite:

With Amy Shearn at Lit at Lark

With Amy Shearn of Lit at Lark – Does that DOUGH over our heads mean we’re thinking $$? Or Doughnuts?

What are you up to today? This week? This weekend?  What will your #SomeNerve challenge be?


  1. Dear Patty,
    I am thrilled to find your website. I actually had been alerted to your book by my son who lives in Brooklyn and heard you speak. I started my own blog to address my own fears. My goal is to ride my bicycle coast to coast starting May of 2014. I’m 63. Will be 64 when we start.

    I have actually done the 5 Boro Bike Ride. My fear was riding with 30,000 strangers. Would they be safe predictable riders? Yes. I was amazed at the level of organization and respect that all riders placed on safety.

    Go get ’em!!