Weekends are for Relaxing, Remember?


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I See a Mama Bear Looking At Me

Last Saturday after all the errands and appointments were done and the kids were begging for an outing, 13 yo G found online the Edith Read Wildlife Sanctuary in Rye, NY and said “Please, Mom, let’s go.” I was eyeing the clock, we only had a couple of hours before dusk and what about cooking dinner?  “It’s NATURE,” G pleaded.  OK, I said, thinking about the fresh air, exercise, and opportunity for learning and feeling like a better parent already.

“Where are our binoculars?”  I asked, going into the closet to look – perhaps we could birdwatch. Not that I know anything about birds. But we probably had a guide to birds, or trees, or something educational and relevant somewhere in the house we could bring…

“I have binoculars!” 8 yo R said, clambering upstairs.

“Noooo,” G moaned. “R, yours aren’t even real! They don’t make anything bigger! Please, let’s not waste time, the sun is going down!”

R stomped downstairs wearing her yellow plastic binoculars saying “I KNOW they’re not real. But THEY’RE FUN.”

I gave up looking for real binoculars. G was right. It’d been a long and hectic week. No one needed Mom lecturing on nature.

At the Sanctuary, we walked through the woods and saw birds we did not recognize and other animals we did (“Doe, a deer!” Squirrels and chipmunks, too). We walked by the water, and through a grassy field. We walked while R ran, carefree.

You know, the weeks are for working, studying, activities and obligations. But late afternoon on a Saturday, it’s time to strap on your pony backpack, put on your purple boots, green hat, and fun-seeking yellow binoculars, and just go.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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  1. Time spent with your children is always the best time. DO IT NOW! The clock is ticking. My 22 year old son does his own thing on weekends, and I miss those times when we explored the mountains, city and the beach. Sigh.

    Loved this post, Patty!

  2. What a wonderful post. And you are so right, grab the time and live in it. There will always be things tugging at us and they will still be there when our time outside is done. Beautiful.

  3. Love the purple boots. A girl after my own heart. And I totally agree, weekends are for fun and relaxing. That’s what I have on my agenda today, for sure!

  4. Good for you, walks in nature are always good for the soul, especially when they’re shared with your children! Thanks for the reminder…..

  5. What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon! My daughter is married and we still all do this together quite a bit. I enjoy it so much and can’t wait to take the babies on their first hike!

  6. Sometimes I forget to strap on my pony backpack, but we always get outside for some fun on the weekend. I’m looking forward to the start of polo season because tailgating becomes our Sunday funday. The kids love to run around and stomp divots and visit with the beautiful horses.