Hello!  I’m so glad you’re here. I’m a writer, blogger, and mom who’s fascinated by how people face their fears and make life changes (particularly in midlife but becoming braver at any age is something we herald here). I put together this site for us to share our stories and I hope you’ll find inspiration, information, and a community cheering for you within these pages.


Join us at Facing Forty Upside Down, where I blog about ordinary people taking steps (large or small) to live more fully. I interview experts and feature books and programs I really love. I report on my (mis)adventures and I don’t kid myself – I know most of my readership is in it for the wisecracks of my daughters! I hope you’ll read, comment, submit your stories, and become part of our online family.


I am crazy proud of my first book, SOME NERVE: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave, which furthers the mission of the blog but with almost all new material.  It is the result of four years of facing my fears and helping others to face theirs and presents stories that still make my palms sweat when I read them, and draws on interviews with dozens of experts (teachers, therapists, coaches, clergy) who provide lots of concrete advice. It’s also a personal memoir, so essentially it’s me and all my hopes for all of you in 368 pages.


Thankfully, I do not have a fear of public speaking and I like to spread the word on things I care about. Here is a link to my Penguin Random House Speakers Bureau page.  I would be happy to speak to your organization or do a workshop for your company, Skype with your book group or Some Nerve Challenge Team. Have your people call my people here, or just drop me a line.


The night I started Facing Forty Upside Down I was sitting in front of my computer after my family was asleep. I had realized that after working so hard to succeed in school and my career, after a decade of parenting small children, that my fears (of failure, of embarrassment, of further fatigue) had nibbled away at my life until all that was left was routine. How could I expect my kids to go out of their comfort zone if I wasn’t willing to myself? I wrote my inaugural post  declaring a fresh start, and then sat there, with my finger over the keyboard. What will people think?  My whole life, this Greek Chorus of Perpetual Doubt which I carried in my head had sung this refrain, stopping me from doing so many things before.  It was dark in the house, the only light was from the screen. I hit publish.


That act, led to so many things.  Friendships and adventures, learning to dive, bike, and even surf. To fresh air and sunlight, and so much joy. And to meeting you here and now.


Thank you for being here now. I can’t wait to see where we go next.